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What is white/black hat SEO and why do they matter?

By now we should all know about SEO and you’ve heard me talk about quality SEO, but did you know that your SEO could be breaking the rules of major search engines like Google?

Yes, search engines have rules.

The term White hat SEO refers to the approach used that aligns with the rules and guidelines of search engines. White hat SEO involves methods that follow these guidelines to improve your ranking on a SERP and maintains the integrity of your website.

Some examples of White hat SEO include making your site easy to navigate, fast loading times and responsiveness, using accurate and descriptive keywords, and keyword-rich meta-data. All this ensures your content and site are viewed as higher quality and will prevent your site from getting banned from Google and other search engines.

The opposite of White hat SEO is Black hat SEO, and this is what you DO NOT WANT TO DO! Black hat SEO are approaches are extremely risky and go against search engines rules and guidelines.

Some examples of Black hat SEO are purchasing links, cloaking links, and keyword stuffing. Cloaking and stuffing involve loading your site with links and keywords that may not even be related to your site (but are popular and even harmful) changing them to be the same colour as the background to make them “invisible” or cloaked. All this is deceitful, and all qualify as Black hat and are a sure way to get your site removed and banned forever.

Given all the effort that we put into designing our websites, why risk all that? Think about how it would feel to put in all that time and effort, just to wake up one day to your site removed and banned from being found online… It's not worth it so don't do it.

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Ashley is a virtual business solutions strategist, social media specialist, and blogger based in Calgary Alberta. Ashley helps businesses share their voices and broadcast their businesses through powerful digital marketing strategies. The best way to get in touch with her is through her LinkedIn profile.

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