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SWOT Analysis

A SWOT Analysis is a simple technique that provides great insights based on your personal and business strengths and weaknesses while also looking at what challenges you see ahead, and what opportunities are present now and in the future.⁠⁠


Performing a SWOT Analysis

Doing a SWOT is easy enough to do and will help give you a solid understanding of yourself, your business and set you up for growth. You'll also identify any factors or threats that might negatively impact your business or success.


Strengths - What areas do you THRIVE in and are good at?⁠⁠


Weaknesses - What areas could use improvement and growth?⁠⁠


Opportunities - What might help you reach your goal? Is there a problem or unfilled need you want to solve or someone you want to connect with?⁠⁠


Threats - What external factors could get in the way of your goal?⁠⁠


In essence, your personal SWOT gives you a full picture of yourself and helps you leverage your potential, hone in on your skills, and navigate your limitations.⁠⁠


Ashley is a virtual business solutions strategist, social media specialist, and blogger based in Calgary Alberta. Ashley helps businesses share their voices and broadcast their businesses through powerful digital marketing strategies. The best way to get in touch with her is through her LinkedIn profile.

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