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Should You Hire a Social Media Influencer?

Social media influencers are exactly that, people on social media that influence people to make a purchase, support a cause, or make a specific action. Some influencers are celebrities while some are just authentic people that are already in your personal life, sharing their experiences on social media.

Professional social media influencers have a larger audience, they tend to have some type of celebrity status. They will promote your content/products/events to their audiences in exchange for cross-promotion, cash payment, or a free sample of the product you want them to promote to their audience. People who follow influencers tend to trust them, so when they make a recommendation, it's like getting a suggestion from a friend.

Before you run out to get yourself a professional influencer, there are several things you should consider

Things to consider

  • Are they actually authentic? Read this news article about how some influencers are not who they say they are and how this can negatively impact your business.

  • Who is their audience? Is it even your target market, are they the right demographic?

  • Influencers with 1 mil+ have the potential to make more impact and provide great value with their reach, but micro-influencers ( 100k and less) can leverage more authenticity and trust with their smaller audiences.

  • Track your progress! Your social media influencer should have their own metrics and ways of tracking their impact, but you should also be tracking. You can do this by creating UTM tags to track your influencer over time, I like to use UTM Tag Builder.

When it comes down to it how you define value is depending on your goals, expectations, and who your target market is. Every influencer provides value in their own way when they are relatable, authentic, transparent, and engaging with their audience. This will ensure a higher ROI.

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Ashley is a virtual business solutions strategist, social media specialist, and blogger based in Calgary Alberta. Ashley helps businesses share their voices and broadcast their businesses through powerful digital marketing strategies. The best way to get in touch with her is through her LinkedIn profile.

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