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Get Featured on Podcasts | 7 Easy Steps

With more and more people staying at home and working from home the Podcast community has grown exponentially.

📈In 2017, 40% of Americans 12 or older had listened to a podcast, compared to 55% in 2020, and that number is expected to grow!

🎙So, how do you tap into that market? Start a Podcast of your own, or become a leader in your niche and secure guest speaker and interview spots on already established Podcasts?🎙

If you said 'be interviewed/guest speaker' then I have a treat for you! Here are 7 steps that will get you on air:

🔎Step 1: Find the right podcasts to pitch.

🕵️Step 2: Research the podcast before you contact the host.

📲Step 3: Contact the host to request an interview.

📆Step 4: Schedule the interview.

👩‍💼Step 5: Prepare for your interview.

🦸‍♀️Step 6: Give a great interview.

📣Step 7: End the interview with a specific call-to-action.

🔗Bonus Step: Make friends with the host!

After the interview, be sure to ask the host if there is anything you can do to support them, leave a rating and review for their podcast and share your interview with your audience!

I am always looking for new and interesting podcasts to listen to. I would love to know what kind of Podcasts you listen to, drop them down below!


Ashley is a virtual business solutions strategist, social media specialist, and blogger based in Calgary Alberta. Ashley helps businesses share their voices and broadcast their businesses through powerful digital marketing strategies. The best way to get in touch with her is through her LinkedIn profile.

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