Digital Solutions

Online Coaching

More of a hands-on business person? Perfect I will teach you and your team how to create successful and engaging content, track and understand analytics, and so much more!


You'll never get anywhere with those do-it-yourself, free, online, marketing resources. Learn how to do digital marketing properly to grow and sustain your small business with a little help! 

Here's the great part, you don't have to be 'techy' to start an online business, but you do need to know the basics and have someone qualified to guide you along the way.  

My approach is simple, tailored to your needs, and efficient. You don't have to worry about me trying to sell you something that you don't need either, if there is something you do need, it's my goal to find you the best, cost-efficient option!

My goal is to get you hands-on experience so when I leave, you feel confident to continue without me (although I am just an email away).

We will start off by clarifying SMART goals, then we will create a strategic plan that will include systems for acquiring and developing clients while creating an environment for profit growth.

While working with me, I want you to feel less stress and achieve greatness! My goal is to make things easier for you and shorten your to-do list, giving you more time in your day to do more of what matters most to you!

My Coaching services start at $64/hour and can be booked individually by the hour or combined into a project package.

Send me a message to discuss your needs.